DSC_1460Born in June 14, 1982, Umut Albayrak received violin, singing and piano lessons at an early age. She performed in several children choruses and orchestras. Beside her solo concerts, Albayrak produced drama and pantomime performances, engaged in activities as an executive and member in many children and youth societies and received high rankings in international cartoon and storytelling competitions. With a childhood blended with different areas of art, Albayrak concentrated on her music studies in high school years. She also worked with famous Azerbaijani composer, pianist and Azerbaijan State artist Faik Sudgeddinov. After graduating from Famagusta Namik Kemal High School, Albayrak completed her undergraduate studies in Izmir 9 Eylul University Buca Faculty of Education and received her master's degree in Musicology from the Institute of Fine Arts and did PhD on Musical Sciences at the same university. She is a senior instructor since 2011 at the Eastern Mediterranean University.

During her university studies, Umut Albayrak acted as a soloist and a chorister in Izmir Symphony Orchestra Polyphonic Chorus, Izmir Opera and Ballet (TOBAV) Youth Chorus, Ege Chamber Chorus, DEU Chorus and Orchestra. She performed many concerts with these choruses and also had the opportunity with famous artists such as Fahir Atakoglu and Fazil Say.

Albayrak, who occupies an important place in the musical life of Cyprus with her attitude, world view and line, concentrated on her solo concerts with her private orchestra composed of prominent musicians of the island and gave concerts in all Cyprus. In the historic concert of July 4, 2003, she shared the stage with Zulfu Livaneli and Maria Faranduri and performed as soloist and vocalist at the event. The same year, she also gave a concert with the Greek singer Vasilis Papakonsantinous. Umut was the soloist of the special closing concert of a series of activities organized on the occasion of Mikis Teodorakis's 80th birth year and performed a duet with the guest artist Pandelis Thalassinos at the event. In spite of her young age, Albayrak shared the same stage with several important figures, multiplied her achievements in a short period of time and continued to produce new work with these important figures. Umut took the stage in several international festivals. In her concerts in Cyprus, she collaborated with several Cypriot artists (S.O.S, Nenad Bogdanovic, Vulla Konstantinou, Epilogi, Kiprogenia, Costas Dimitriu, Larkos Larkou, Danube Quartet, Koulis Theodorou, Giorgos Karvellos, Anndida Sandronieu, George Kolias, Mariam Venezelou, Katerina Andreou, Evgodia Kadi, Evagoras Karageorgis) as well as with musicians from different countries and became one of the most admired and successful figures in the musical life of Cyprus. She became a symbol for peace due to her contributions to the peace process in the island. In 2006, Albayrak was granted the Best Female Singer of 2005 award.

Performing music from different genres such as Mediterranean music, tango and classical music in different languages and bringing this music to her audience with different orchestras and concepts, Albayrak expanded her audience with concerts in United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Romenia and Cyprus. Owing to these successful representations, Albayrak is defined as a musical ambassador by the Cypriots. Umut participated in camps organized by Jeunesses Musicales International, where young people from Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Cyprus, Ireland, Belgium and Netherlands share their musical culture and she performed in concerts within these camps. She also gave a concert in company with The Arab-Jewish Youth Orchestra.

umutAlbayrak performed the scores for several TV series and documentaries and performed in musicals. Participating in several social responsibility projects, Albayrak took part in and supported projects aiming to protect the youth from drugs, campaigns of private education foundation and concerts of organizations dedicated to prevent traffic accidents and raise awareness of the public and executed projects in collaboration with relevant societies and organizations.

For many years, Albayrak reached her listeners with several of her songs she sang in concerts and aired on radios and TV's. She has 5 albums; 2 of these are "Sana Kibris'im 1" and "Sana Kibris'im 2" which include Faik Sudgeddinov pieces, another is the album she prepared in collaboration with S.O.S band "Meydan Turkuleri, and she has 2 solo albums; "Gecenin Deli Dolu Rengi", which was launched in the United Kingdom in 2007 and "Umut", which was launched in 2009. The album entitled "Umut" was released with 2 different covers and photo designs, as Gold and White series.

Chronological and detailed list of some of Umut Albayrak's work and concerts:

Umut acted as soloist and chorister in Izmir Opera and Ballet (TOBAV) Youth Orchestra, Izmir Symphonic Polyphonic Chorus and Ege Chamber Chorus. She performed in several concerts with these choruses. She also worked with famous artists such as Fahir Atakoglu and Fazil Say.

  • In June 1-10, 2001, she participated in the 6th Turkey Choruses Festival in Ankara with Ege Chamber Chorus. This festival, organized under the auspices of T.R. Ministry of Culture and with the initiative of the Polyphonic Choruses Association, took place in CSO Concert Hall. Many choruses from different locations of Turkey participated in the festival.

  • In April 23, 2001, she took part in the Izmir State Opera and Ballet TOBAV Youth Chorus in the special concert held at the IZDSO Ismet Inonu concert hall as part of April 23 celebrations.

  • In June 3, 2001, she gave a special concert at IZDSO Ismet Inonu Art Center with Izmir State Opera and Ballet TOBAV Youth Chorus with the contributions of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.